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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Okay. I admit that photobucket thing was cool at first. But after that, it blocks the damned links. And I only get to the linked blogs via the links on this blog. So that photobucket thing is limiting my freedom on the net and my ability to visit those few sites. (haha. yea right) But its irritating anyhow. So I have this post to ensure that the thingy goes down so the links won't be blocked anymore. Hurrah!!! But thinking about it, this thingy will move down and cover the tagboard instead. Which is almost as irritating as covering the links but not that much. I have therefore concluded that we need to either (a) edit this template or (bee) change it entirely. But I'm quite scared to do it. (liar. - I can't be bothered really. at least not now.) Talking about the template.. I saw Jia Min yesterday morning at the junction near her house. She looks the same and in case you're reading this, it's a compliment. Heh.

I have realised, after glancing at the length of my entry, that I am quite good at blogging a whole lot about nothing. which is a difficult skill to muster. It's quite obvious, seeing everyone else's lack of skill (and I'm the appeal student) at making good blog entries. Look at the "I'M DYING SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME." entry. its not only short, but its not even a proper sentence with proper punctuation. It could very much have been elaborated on. Like who is the "I", why is it dying, how it is dying - is someone killing it or is it just sick? - and like who is the someone who can save it - like is it anyone off the street or only a certain group of people?. There are endless possibilities - Impossible is NOTHING.

And the holidays kinda suck a little. (a little? who are you kidding?!) Fine, they suck big time. three One guess what I've been up to for the past many weeks of so called holiday.


YES! Right on brother! You're absolutely right. And for that you get a free ride on Revolution (?) at Escape Theme Park, admission fee not included. (it's actually free right? once you get in? 'cos if it isn't, then just ignore the joke.)

What I'm doing is actually practising my typing which has really deteriorated. (what a lame excuse) haha. okay. I'm just fucking bored (ah! there's the vulgarity everyone's been waiting for!) out of my wits. So here's the solution. Not really but kinda.

If you think this entry shows signs of schizophrenia, well, it does; because this is what the world has done to me. It has forced me to create an (or a few maybe) alterego so as to get on well in life. Like one for the family, one for the teachers and one for the friends. And who actually gives a fuck about strangers and/or their enemies? EVERYONE actually. Those are the people we care the most about. Not care as in the care and concern care but rather the bother about kinda care. I don't understand myself sometimes because the more I hate the person, the harder I try to do the best I can in front of them. It's like I'm trying to impress them or something. Or maybe it's so they can't see your flaws. Which is kinda of why your friends are your friends. Because you let them see your flaws. Which sounds kind of touching, but isn't really that touching sometimes. Like say your flaw is a violent streak of the inability to control your flatulence. How touching is that?

And what makes family family then? It's the (forced) unconditional love (which is the ultimate irony i feel) which is expected of every family member in a family unit stuck in giant pigeonholes good-naturedly called homes. And of course the shared name, features, dna, bloodline, heritage, prone-ness to cancer/heart diseases and whatnot.

I've kinda said my peace. Not really, but kinda. Plus it's way past my bedtime. (who am i kidding again? i don't have a bed, much less a bedtime). Well, this entry should be enough to push the irritating photobucket (who did it by the way? christina?) thingy down.

lovelove a little bit

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